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About us

Founder and CEO of Hairmony Group
I'm Mohamad Hammoud, founder and CEO of Hairmony Group. We are here to help you achieve your dream of having your own brand of hair cosmetics. We are specialists in Brazilian Keratin and Protein. Let's make your dream come true together.

At Hairmony Group, we are committed to bringing your hair care vision to reality. As private label specialists, we understand the importance of offering quality products that represent your brand in an exceptional way.

Reasons to produce with Hairmony Group

Qualified Team

High Quality Products

Special service

Accuracy in production

Product customization

Worldwide clients


"Moving to a private label with Hairmony Group was the best decision. The formula development and market support helped me focus exclusively on my brand, leading to incredible business growth."

Maher - Iraq

"Hairmony Group helped me create the brand of my dreams, transforming me into a successful entrepreneur. What started small is now sold all over the world, thanks to their exceptional full-service support."

Ahmad - United Arab Emirates

"Thanks to Hairmony Group's competitive pricing, quality and customization, our professional cosmetics purchasing has revolutionized our market. Their marketing and sales support has helped us greatly."

Jamal - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

brazilian protein

We help you achieve your goals and have your own brand

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